Quote: Secrets

“Secrets are the bricks of isolation.” – Tom Deaderick, December 12017 from upcoming FLIGHTSUIT sequel.

Quote: Pleasures that cannot last

“Of all the pleasures of life that cannot last, children are first.” – Tom Deaderick, 12/3/2017, from upcoming FLIGHTSUIT sequel

Quote: Horror

Horror is like gravity. You can’t really feel gravity unless you move in some way. Velocity is the same; we can’t feel velocity in a car we’re riding in until it changes. Horror is a transition from one moment to another moment with a…

Quote: Enlightened

“Tomorrows enlighten todays.” – Tom Deaderick, 10/4/2017

Quote: Christmas & Easter

“The best time to be a Christian as a kid is Christmas, as an adult – it’s Easter.” – Tom Deaderick, April 9, 2017

Quote: Direction

“Jesus provides good direction for us – always, but we notice it – sometimes.” – Tom Deaderick, April 8, 2017

Quote: Writing

“I talk to myself and write down the parts that make sense.” – Tom Deaderick, on writing, April 4, 2017

The Island of Misfit Toys

The drive to be unique is a powerful one. It shapes so much of our lives and the choices we make. I never thought of it before this morning, but the misfit toys are all on the island because they are unique. They are…

Quote: Before you can say something is good…

“There has to be a comparison, that’s what I’ve always believed. Before you can say something is good, you must set something beside it and declare it them to be different, and that the other is bad.” – Tom Deaderick, February 7, 2017, from…

God’s competitive drive

We’re made in God’s image. God loves to create. It’s the first act we see Him engaged in in the Bible and a similar drive is inside all of us. Sometime you might think of the drives common to us all, trace those back…