Highlights overview

Authoring a book

I spent just about every morning in 2013 writing.  A couple hours before work and several hours every Saturday and Sunday morning.  There were a few days when I really enjoyed it, but not as many as I expected.  For me, the most challenging aspect of writing a book is the amount of work you have to do before you get any feedback.  Every day as you’re pulling the story together in the back of your mind you’re asking yourself, “Is this worth the effort?”  Life is short and I’m interested in a lot of things.  Setting aside what proved to be a whole year for one project was a tough commitment.

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Winning the $1.3M Virginia Tobacco Commission Grant

Developing a winning grant application for OnePartner provided a powerful boost for the datacenter operations.

Healthcare Interface development

My first healthcare interoperability assignment was a real challenge and a great success. I’m proud of this project. There aren’t a lot of people who have developed businesses, written large grant requests, developed marketing, sold the huge range of products and services I have and also been the sole interface developer for a hospital’s EMR migration.

TWISTEDBUYER Procurement Patent

Like to see something I’ve figured out that no one else has? How about a way to completely transform corporate procurement spending?

My Blaze.com Article & UPTIMEdatabase Strategy

Marketing a small datacenter in a rural location with minimal budget requires a creative approach.  See if this qualifies…

Concierge healthcare analysis

Concierge healthcare is a market response to government intervention and it could be a powerful one.  I developed a whole series of queries and found that infrequent patients (those who visit physicians on average once per year) fit a concierge model a lot better than the Fee-For-Service model.  Patients save money and the physician offices could earn a lot more, without any additional encounters.  I ran the numbers for the last three years and discovered a potential revenue increase of $140M (8x increase).  This was my own initiative.  No one asked for the report.

Outsourced collections project

Interface development project distributing charges to three different companies for collection of insurance, personal and worker’s compensation balances.